What will not save us and what will

We human beings, all of us, and much of the rest of life on Earth, may well be doomed no matter what we do, from this point forward. I am thinking in particular of the long-term impact of former President Trump’s retreat from engagement with the problem of climate change. However, even if he had never been elected, we would have faced extremely serious problems. Here are a few of the things which will not save us from having to face up to the problems of population growth and economic growth:

  • a fossil-fuel free economy. A fossil-fuel free economy is worth pursuing. The problem of climate change is real. However, we will still need to bring our population growth to a complete halt, and make a transition to a gradual decline of our population size.
  • Preaching to the choir. Many of those who already understand the problems of growth spend much of their time finding new ways to retell each other what we already know, rather than trying to find ways to reach those who are uninformed about the problems of growth, or who have been misinformed about them.
  • Technology. Technology can help us be more efficient in the use of some resources. However, it will never enable us to stop the increasing negative impacts on the biosphere that will inevitably come with continuing population and economic growth.

What will have at least a chance of working is starting a new political party that has a firm commitment to fighting to protect and preserve the biosphere. Doing what is necessary to preserve it will have to include facing up to the problems of population growth and economic growth. Solving the problem of population growth will require a democratic discourse with more mutual respect among people with different points of view on many subjects, including immigration. It will have to consider the prevalence and the reality of racism but also put the discussion of immigration within the context of population growth. This will be an essential part of the process of understanding why immigration is a potential problem because of its impacts on both the US and global economy and environment. Dramatic reductions in the overall level of immigration into the US, as well as voluntary measures for keeping US population growth from natural increase at its already low level or below, will be necessary.

Please see below for earlier posts on this blog for a more extensive examination of why we need a new political party in the US and what it should be like.

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